Cost Of Patio Paving Ireland

Cost Of Paving A Patio

People mostly ask, how costly patio paving is. Cost is dependent on worth. A service or good might have a high rate yet is not expensive. As a matter of fact, it might be fairly cheap as a result of the worth of the good or service. In comparison to the top quality products, we utilize at Paving Contractors Dublin, and the value of our job, we can guarantee you that in Ireland we are the most cost-effective patio paving company. For your garden, walkway, and general landscape beautification, you have come to the appropriate place.

There is a patio paving kind that is suitable for your house, company, yard, driveway, and also your budget. Search on to select the most appropriate paving kind for you. A list of different patio paving types with their cost range has been compiled in this article to make your preparation less complicated and stress-free.

Average Patio Cost

Patio paving averagely cost between 40 to 140 euros per square meter depending on the material made use of and the level of technicality of pavement style.

The compound and driveway of a property are very vital in creating a good perception of the property, business, or homeowner. Paving your driveway produces a welcoming atmosphere and enhances the worth of your property. Tarmac is among the most extensively utilized pavers for driveways.

What is Patio Paving?

Paving is the covering of an outdoor floor with resilient materials such as concrete, granite, and marble. Patio surface paving in addition to its aesthetic appeal enhances property value. Paving of your yard and patio provides an attractive outdoor area that could be used for outings, outdoor events, hangouts, and various other social gatherings. Paving your patio transforms your outdoor space into a lovely lucrative area.

There are diverse types of pavers made use of in yard paving and it might be daunting to pick the one for you. That’s why we are right here to direct you. We have put together a couple of paving types with their cost, highlighting the strengths and drawbacks of each paver. This will make your decision-making hassle-free.

Natural Stones As Pavers

Natural stones have been used since ancient times and are still being used today due to their timeless strength and beauty. Typically used natural stones for patio paving are limestone, sandstone, granite, marble, slate, and travertine. With natural stone paving, you can achieve an antique traditional appearance or a contemporary trendy style. Natural stones are products of years of mineral decomposition and as such, they are stronger than their concrete counterparts. 

With time, pavers stemmed from natural stones look better whilst keeping their integrity. Natural stone pavers can stand the test of time. They are also environmentally friendlier than their manmade counterparts as they are processed with machines requiring low energy.

Sandstone Patio Paving Cost

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock processed and made use of as pavers. Sandstone pavers are not limited to just contemporary suggestions alone. They are utilized in traditional designs also as they have an outstanding elegance endued on by nature itself. They are available in various sizes and shapes and are extremely stylish. If stylish is what you are looking for, then sandstone paving is an excellent option for you. Sandstone can be found in lots of textures and designs.

In designing your garden or outdoor space with sandstone, you give your yard an authentic look. Sandstone is a natural stone so it provides an ideal mix of nature in one space. Sandstone adds warmth and given that it is extremely absorbent can also be used in interior spaces. Sandstone tiles can be used to furnish living areas, kitchens, hallways, and even bathrooms. Can be laid around swimming areas and fish ponds as it is non-slippery.

Sandstone is a beautiful natural floor covering that is popular for its distinct style. Imitating the look of beach and desert sand, the gold, red, brown, and tan of this frequently multicolored stone can add the ideal decorative touch to a room. Paving with sandstone typically costs between 80 and 95 euros per square meter. The variance in the price range is due to the sort of sandstone tile and the groundwork to be done.


  • They are not slippery, have a firm grip. This makes them ideal and safe for areas that are prone to water spillage and humid regions.
  • They are firm and long lasting.
  • The slabs can easily be replaced in case of damage.
  • They don’t go out of season. If you determine to transform your yard or patio design they can easily be reused elsewhere and even reused. Bonus point– they still have market value so you get to make some cash.
  • It can withstand severe weather and is more frost-resistant than concrete.
  • Sandstone paving is durable yet workable.
  • Sandstone is extremely unique. It provides a widely distinct range based on its natural properties. It varies in color, from a desert effect to a beach effect and everything in-between. The color shade can be extremely subtle yet distinct. It additionally has a wide variety of textures. Two patios designed with sandstone can hardly ever be the same. Every design is distinct in and of itself.
  • Less complicated to work around than marble and granite thus can be cut into interesting shapes of choice. Can be worked on to bring your desire design to life.
  • Durable and stronger than a lot of man-made alternatives.
  • Is eco-friendly has it is biodegradable, recyclable, and the manufacturing procedure has close to no damage to the environment.
  • Sandstone is affordable.


  • Sandstone is a fairly soft rock, and as such is prone to scratches from claws, sharp objects, and high heels. Do not be alarmed, sandstone is installed in tiles so a damaged piece can be easily changed without offsetting the entire layout.
  • Though they can be easily discolored as a result of its absorbent attribute particularly lighter shades, it is easily washable with a pressured washer without losing its appeal and luster.

Limestone Patio Paving Cost

Limestone is similar to sandstone but with a flatter surface and is normally found in darker colors giving a feel of bold elegance. Is smoother when split which makes limestone preferable than sandstone for a uniform contemporary look. Limestone is not susceptible to splitting and discoloration.

Limestone is a natural stone formed by years of pressure. This gives limestone rigidity and strength that enables it to withstand pressure when made into pavers. Ideal to utilize with furniture giving your outdoor area an ultra-modern look. The regality of limestone is synonymous with none other. Limestone paving costs between 85 euros to 95 euros.


  • Limestone paving is extremely durable and therefore appropriate for use in high-traffic areas.
  • Ecologically friendly.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Limestone has a natural surface gloss and texture that makes it slip-resistant even without sealants. Limestone paving dries very quickly and still maintains its slip resistance when wet.
  • Has low water absorbance which makes it difficult for ice or algae to damage the stone.
  • Is more workable than marble thus, can be cut into wanted shapes and size.


  • Limited color variety.
  • The lighter color of limestone, along with sandstone, is much more porous. This can bring about staining retention, as well as algae and moss growth which results in loss of aesthetic value and holding ability of the paver. It becomes slippery.

Travertine Paving Cost


Travertine, which is a sedimentary rock is a member of the limestone family primarily containing precipitates of calcium carbonate. Travertine paving has a clean and pure outlook when laid. Patios paved with travertine typically have a serene, peaceful, regal look of innocence. 

Travertine paved patios demonstrate luxury, class, and strength in a cool and chill manner. Travertine has been utilized in buildings since ancient times and has been found to stand the test of time via changing weather conditions. Travertine as a paver has an universal appeal.

Travertine is an attractive natural stone that comes in numerous colors, textures, shapes, and creates with varying alternatives of finishing. This adds to the uniqueness of travertine paving making sure a distinctiveness in your patio, yard, pathway, swimming pool, or indoor design that is exclusively yours.

Pure travertine is white, the stunning range of subtle colors results from natural impurities. This makes travertine perfect for producing subtle pavers for a garden, outdoor and interior areas. Travertine unlike various other floor tiles is naturally strong– has an inbuilt strength. They do not break, crack or chip easily. Consequently, travertine pavers can withstand a beating whilst still retaining their quality.

Travertine appropriates for the outdoors because it can weather the storm. It is capable of bearing various elements such as rain, snow, and extreme heat. Travertine is naturally slip-resistant and porous. Travertine paving costs between 110 to 140 euros per square meter.


  • Its lightly textured non-slip finish makes travertine ideal for swimming pool areas.
  • Has timeless appeal that transforms a boring area right into one of prestige.
  • Travertine endures beating without damages like scratches or cracks.
  • Easy to repair and replace damaged or worn-out tiles.
  • Travertine is a natural stone which processing is not complicated and is eco-friendly.
  • Not as expensive as marble and various other natural stones.
  • Its functionality is diverse as it is useful both indoors and outdoors. Can endure heavy foot traffic and force of automobiles. This makes it suitable for driveways.


  • Sealing is essential to make it stain resistant, protect against dirt accumulation, and preserving the initial appearance of travertine.
  • Can be compromised by acids in direct contact with its surface. Mild cleaning agents’ should be made use of to lengthen the lifespan of travertine.
  • Travertine can be fairly heavy. Transportation and installation are a bit tricky. And need to be done by trusted experts.

Gravel Patio & Gravel Driveway Cost

Gravel is made from natural stones and helps control erosion. Gravel is durable, has a good gripping effect, and is not slippery. There are various sorts of gravel patio. Paving of patio with gravel gives an earthy feel and brings you near to nature.

Gravel driveways require reasonably regular maintenance as a result of automobile pressure and indentation. The gravel patio is not very furniture-friendly as gravel shifts around and can be displaced. Rough to stroll on barefooted. Gravel walkways and paths can easily fit into most sorts of design outlook. Gravel patio paving costs between 45 to 65 euros per square meter based on the gravel type and level of technicality required.

The seeming ease of setup might trick individuals into believing that gravel can be set up by everyone. It is ideal installed by very knowledgeable competent, and experienced professionals as found in PAVNG CONTRACTORS DUBLIN. We choose the most ideal gravel type– texture, color and dimension, and setup method based on the effect to be attained, the purpose of setup, installation area– walkways, driveway or patio, and safety.


  • Cost friendly
  • Gravel is extremely absorbing. So water drains through quickly, therefore vital in erosion control.
  • Easy flexibility. Can be used in an area of any type of size and shape. Not restricted based on style or irregularities of the outdoor area.
  • Easily maintained
  • Longevity
  • Ease of installation
  • If deeply installed, offers supporting effect for swings of youngsters.
  • Can be made use of with various other paver types.
  • Easy to clean up after pets.
  • It is an excellent material for keeping plants bed weed-free and wet.


  • Gravel can be dislodged from its position so can be found in different places in the compound.
  • Walking difficulty due to its looseness.
  • Not safe for children in cases of falls.
  • Snow elimination is tough.

How to Maintain a Gravel Patio

  • Creating an edge barrier limits the dangers of displacement.
  • A firm base decreases the shifting effect of gravel and prolongs lifespan.

Cost of Pea Gravel


Pea gravel is unique in its dimension and texture. It is small, smooth, and has a genuine beauty. The smooth surface of pea gravel makes it comfy to walk barefooted. Pea gravel will compact with time specifically when under continuous pressure. Patios paved with pea gravel has a comfy, classy yet casual feel. Does not work well with the furniture as it tends to sink into the soil over time and would therefore require consistent replenishing.

There is a medium difficulty of snow removal. Light snow can be melted with snow while heavy snow layers should be shoveled till a thin layer is left and then melted with salt. Water and moisture drain into the soil underneath easily. A ton of pea gravel costs about 55 euros.

Asphalt Driveway Paving Cost

Asphalt a solid paving option though comparable to tarmac has very distinct differences one of which is the difference in chemical composition. The tar in tarmacadam is substituted with bitumen a byproduct of petroleum distillation. Asphalt and also tarmac is economical when installed over a large surface area but is expensive when installed over a small area.

This is due to the fact that the same heavy machines and devices are used in both small and large space installation. Asphalt is likewise not a good idea for usage in small, awkwardly shaped spaces. Asphalt is mostly used in the paving of parking spaces, freeways, running paths, roads, and driveways. Asphalt driveway paving costs between 45 to 60 euros per square metre.


  • Asphalt has a smoother surface area than tarmac paving which offers more skid resistance to road users making it much safer than tarmac in this regard.
  • Asphalt is quicker to construct than some alternative pavement types like concrete.
  • The flexibility of bitumen makes it less complicated for asphalt to repair itself in case of minor injuries, this boosts its durability.
  • Asphalt is recyclable and cost-efficient. If you are on a tight budget, asphalt paving gives you good quality at a low cost.
  • Another advantage of using asphalt is that it absorbs noise. This minimizes noise pollution particularly in an area with high traffic.


  • Asphalt pavement has to be resealed periodically every 3 to 5 years to boost shelf life.
  • Bitumen is a petroleum derivative and hydrocarbons are released during asphalt manufacture leading to contamination.
  • Is more prone to cracks that can create holes due to the fact that it deteriorates under ultraviolet light. Cracks can quickly be repaired by overlaying the current asphalt driveway. Cracks’ potential can be reduced if asphalt is appropriately prepared, mixed, and laid. Repairing damaged asphalt pavement is inexpensive.

Porcelain Patio Paving Cost

Porcelain is a gorgeous manmade alternative to natural stones made of natural materials to suit the modernized standard of living. Porcelain paving is elegant and classy. It can endure as much weight as its natural equivalents making it not only ideal for residential purposes but likewise commercially. It is important to note that smooth does not equal slippery.

Even when wet, porcelain retains a firm grip. Porcelain though smooth has enhanced slip resistance. Comfortable to walk on even barefooted. Porcelain is consistent in its characteristics with time. Time does not minimize the quality and sleek appearance of quality porcelain paving.

It retains its sophistication even after years with minimal maintenance as it is fade-proof even from sun radiation. It is immune to severe and sudden weather condition modifications as well as temperature changes. Porcelain paving is classic yet practical and costs between 110 euros and 150 euros.


  • Porcelain is non-absorbent and non-porous that makes it resistant to discolorations. Spillages are quickly wiped off with a wet fabric leaving the porcelain clean and shiny.
  • The resistance of porcelain to acid, fertilizers, and various other chemicals boosts its durability.
  • Porcelain is also scratch-proof, making it highly resilient and easy to maintain.
  • No sealers are called for in the finishing and installation of porcelain pavers. Porcelain is naturally to mildew, moss, algae, and fungi growth. When laid by experts such as we have at Paving Contractors Dublin, it stops the development of weeds.
  • Readily available in various sizes, colors, and styles.
  • It is an excellent choice as it resists fire spread, as porcelain is immune to fire.
  • Porcelain is economical in that it calls for little maintenance to extend its lifespan.
  • An additional advantage of porcelain over natural stones is uniformity. If you want a consistent design that is difficult to achieve with natural stones, porcelain is an excellent choice.
  • Porcelain is likewise lighter in weight than natural stones which make transferring it easier and cost-effective.
  • Porcelain is durable and functions well with various furnishings types. Porcelain can be made use of both outdoors and indoors. Porcelain is available in different designs, so your outdoor space can be distinct to you with designs ranging from a calm cool feel to a burst of bright, vibrant colors. Porcelain paving can also be made use of to achieve a sensation of sophistication or achieve a rustic allure for your yard, patio, pathway, driveway, and interior space. Porcelain is a modest servant to your creativity.


  • The rigidness of porcelain makes it much more difficult to be creative with. Cutting into numerous shapes and sizes is tricky to achieve.
  • Porcelain is brittle. Care must therefore be taken in the movement of porcelain to help prevent cracks and breaks most especially around the edges to ensure a clean, closed, and perfect installation.
  • Much more expensive than natural stones and concrete pavers during original installation but the little maintenance required to maintain its original look makes it much more economical.
  • In case of a repair, replacing a damaged porcelain tile with another is difficult except you have actually some left from the initial setup. Repairing is also much more expensive than ceramics.
  • Your purchase, style, and installment of porcelain pavers need to only be done by highly-skilled, experienced, and trustworthy professionals. At Paving Contractors Dublin, we take proper treatment in guaranteeing that your patio or yard tiled with porcelain is done cleanly and creatively. Care is taken from the choice of porcelain to be made use of, to transport and installation.

Garden Fencing Cost

Fencing your yard provides privacy, security and enhances the comeliness of your yard making it not just a yard but a sanctuary. It also increases the worth and market price of not simply your garden but your residential or commercial property as a whole. Fencing costs between 150 to 200 euros based on the preparation need, fencing material, and kind of fencing.

There are various fencing techniques and types to suit your garden design. Some of which are;
Timber fencing: Offered in numerous distinct, cute, traditional, modern, classy designs depending on the expectation you intend to create. You can incorporate several styles to develop a garden fence just for you. Lumber fencing is cost-effective, mixes right into the natural appeal of your yard, take up less space, and does not dry up the ground around it retaining soil moisture.

Concrete Patio & Concrete Driveway Cost

Concrete is a blend of cement, limestone, and coloring agent. Concrete paving can be used to obtain a rugged layout and feel as well as a patterned, puzzling effect. Concrete paving normally costs between 40 to 70 euros per square metre.

Concrete paving is in different kinds. There are the concrete blocks, the interlocking blocks, and the flooring system. Concrete blocks come in various dimensions, forms, styles, and colors. This variety provides a spice to concrete paving. Various shade tones can be integrated together to give it a distinct look. Concrete paving is a great way to incorporate traditional with a modern look.

When concrete blocks are not well fixed and aligned, weeds might grow and there could be cracks and breakage of the concrete pavers. Paving Contractors Dublin, are patient professionals that take proper care to ensure that the concretes are appropriately and tightly fitted in a compact form to prevent cracks and weed outgrow.


  • Concrete is recyclable.
  • As a result of its strength and resilience, it is a great choice for driveway paving.
  • Concrete is resistant to cooling and thawing effect.
  • Little maintenance is required for concrete pavers.
  • If you are on a tight budget, concrete pavement can fit your demand as it is not costly.
  • High-quality concrete pavers have a life expectancy of between 40 to 50 years.
  • It has reduced slip threats.
  • It is fairly easy to lay and repair.


  • Wear and tear effect– Concrete wears away with time. The color fades and the clean completed surface is eroded giving it an old, worn-out look.
  • If not tightly fitted and sealed, concrete blocks can change in position.

Imprinted Concrete Cost Per Square Metre

Imprinted concrete is a concrete paving type on which a pattern is imprinted on. It cost between 65 to 80 euros per square meter. Concrete slabs cost between 65 to 75 euros per square metre.

Tarmac Driveway Paving Cost

Tarmac paving is a very practical preference for driveways, parking lots, and airways. Tarmacadam majorly shortened to tarmac is widely used for driveway paving as a result of its ability to endure high traffic and heavy vehicles such as trucks. The tarmac is tar mixed and coated with crushed stones. Its price and durability make it one of the most desired driveway alternatives.

Easy to set up as it is plain and free from patterns and it dries up swiftly so your driveway can get completed shortly without too many obstructions. The cost of tarmac driveway installation is between 50 to 75 euros.


  • Tarmac can survive the worst of weather conditions from constant and heavy rainfall to severe heat.
  • The black color which is one of the most widely used tarmac color makes it simple for tarmac to blend in or contrast well with almost all design types.
  • Tarmac gives beauty in simplicity and can be bordered by bricks or other pavers to improve its visual appeal.
  • Safe to use in slopes and areas vulnerable to erosion as tarmac does not run into rivers and waterways like a few other building materials, as a result of its capacity to strengthen very swiftly.

Construction and maintenance of tarmac

Tarmac construction requires heavy equipment and tools, skill, and experience. It is labor-intensive. Tarmac processing and installation are not difficult for knowledgeable professionals. One of the advantages of choosing Paving Contractors Dublin is the over 20 years of experience that we bring to the table. For resilient tarmac paving, a great underlay and proper drainage system are very important. Generally, tarmac driveways need minimal upkeep, majorly basic cleanliness practices.


  • The tarmac driveway requires a good drainage system to prevent the buildup of surface water.
  • Tarmac can be destroyed by diesel, petrol, and other automobile oils that can liquify the binder in the tarmac.
  • Is not recyclable therefore not reusable.
  • Algae and moss can grow on tarmac especially in a location that preserves moisture or are under the color of trees which can cause the driveway to be slippery.
  • Weeds can grow on and through tarmac driveways most especially when there are cracks.
  • Proper and routine cleaning of tarmac driveways can prevent and mitigate the growth of moss, algae, and fungi. Fixing cracks as promptly as they are formed is important to prevent the germination of weeds.

Marble Patio Paving Cost

Marble is an impressive natural stone obtained from the earth. Marble paving can form mosaic designs and is suitable for European weather condition. With proper treatment, marble can maintain its strength and beauty over an extended period. Marble paver has a sleek look that can be incorporated to fit into any style– traditional or contemporary of your property. Marble pavements expose dust, dirt, and pollens making it easy to wipe off and maintain a clean state. Marble is more porous than some other natural stones and can stain quite easily.


  • Marble is heat resistant and has been made use of over time to cool down living spaces. Under direct sunlight, marble tiles are normally cool. Marble is a great insulator.
  • Marble paving is highly long lasting.
  • Is hard and can bear heavy weights so it’s ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Marble pavers come in varieties of styles and textures.


  • Requires sealing and regular resealing to preserve its integrity.
  • Compared to other natural stones like granite, marble is a soft stone and is prone to scratches.
  • Needs routine maintenance. And can be damaged by acids.
  • Marble is a fairly costly natural stone.
  • Marble tiles are slippery when wet.

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