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With more than 20+ years in the paving industry, you can trust that Driveway Paving Dublin is at the forefront of the industry. Over the years, we’ve gained the needed experience to service both residential and commercial client across Dublin for all their paving and landscaping need.

As Industry experts, we offer:

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  • 5 Year Guarantee On All Paving Work
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Quality Garden Paving & Patios Dublin

There comes the moment when a home owner or commercial building owner would want to get paving their driveway or patio area done.

Call us for a free no-obligation quote when you require driveway and paving Dublin services. Our services vary from laying patios and pavements, landscape design all the way to yard fencing, and we service both residential and commercial properties.

From getting a new garden or driveway installed, to the repair and maintenance of your existing paved surfaces, we’ve got you covered. Call us today on our contact number or contact us using mail, and we’ll be in touch asap.

Thinking about getting a new driveway? Or getting your garden paved or maybe you just desire a lovely new patio done on your property. We provide a vast array of materials you can select from for your project, be it modern or old-fashioned, we’re right here to help you make the right decision and make use of the very best material that suits your home. 

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Paving Contractors Dublin

Making use of the right paving material can be extremely beneficial. For instance, brick or block paving can be utilized anywhere. They look absolutely incredible on driveways and will last for many years. They can be utilized for fairly a long period of time as path ways, patios, or combined with other paving types to create an unique feature or surface. 

They are a great alternative to the more conventional asphalt or tarmacadam surfaces used for estate roadways. They can also be made use of and are being utilized in areas of exceptional loading, such as on airport taxi-ways, docks and freight yards. 

 To complement our wide range of paving in Dublin materials, we also offer a pretty good catalogue of colour options for you to choose from.

Limestone Paving Dublin

We’re paving contractors servicing all of the Dublin region, Wicklow and many other local communities around. If you choose to work with us, we offer guidance and suggestions on the design, layout and complete setup and installation of your driveway or patio instalment. This will ensure your paving is truly unique in Dublin. Our tarmac contractors and professional contractors in Dublin offer top quality services and free quotations. Do not miss out, call us today. Feeling tensed up regarding our organization not getting the job done right the very first time? Don’t be! 

We’ve been offering paving in Dublin for over 22 years now and we can assure you a job well done the very first time! Would you like to see some work samples? We can also provide that, do not hesitate to check out our gallery. 

We’re professional tarmac contractors and paving contractor and your options on driveway paving are very vast and they vary from basic driveway paving to patio paving, garden paving, driveways and patios, pattern imprinted concrete, gravel driveways, paving tarmac, driveway installation, patio as well as combining block paving with other surfaces like gravel and also tarmac. 

An even more profound option is the standard block paving installed in a herringbone pattern. We’ve paved surfaces making use of various products such as Kilsaran paving products, Tobermore and Barley stone. We constantly pride ourselves on offering budget-friendly, cost effective paving services throughout the County Dublin area. Give Driveway Paving Dublin a call today to schedule a free no-obligation quote on getting paving done on your driveway.

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Why Hire Us To Pave Your Driveways Dublin?

Trained and Experience Workers: We provide high quality craftsmanship, from beginning to end. We have more than 22 years’ experience and offer free quotations on all projects. We’re proficient at setting up all type of driveway paving materials: Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, cobblelock, slabs, patios, driveways, gravel, pebble, natural stone, tarmac, back garden, new driveway, and so on.

Fully Registered Dublin Paving and Patio Installers: We have special driveway installation and paving processes to ensure you get only the best. We install tarmac driveways, pattern imprinted concrete, gravel driveways, driveway paving, yard paving or patio, driveways and patios generally, patio installations and a wide range of other services.

We cover all parts of Dublin and many other areas: North Dublin, South Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow. Our paving installment and driveways dublin experience combined with unparalled quality dublin paving and patio materials and our attention to detail, all blend to ensure you get your chosen paving dublin project.

No concealed costs! What you’re quoted is what you pay, we’re not like various other companies that hide expenses or include more charges later on in the project so you can pay even more.

We utilize Only high-quality materials and our paving materials are from the best identified brand names such as Kilsaran, Roadstone, Double L concrete and All Stone. Why do we use these brands? So, we can ensure the best quality and durability of the products we utilize on your property.

Free price quotes on all jobs: We come when you call, we have a look, we try to understand what you want and we go from there. Feel free to call us today for a free no-obligation price quote!

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How We Pave Your Driveway In Dublin

Preparation: It’s wise to have a plan well before you decide to break up the ground and pave your way through. An excellent site layout plan is an incredibly beneficial addition to the written specification and/or Bill of Quantities, as each party knows just exactly what is to be constructed and where that construction starts and ends. We ensure that the approximate location of any structures or services such as electricity, gas, cable tv, and so on, are known before the excavation takes place to avoid any disasters and ruckus.

Excavation: We dig off as needed, and get rid of soil or spoil. The regular excavation depth for a residential driveway is about 200-250mm below the finished paving level. We ensure any soft spots are excavated and backfilled with compacted sub-base material. It’s much safer to dig too deep, than to shallow.

Sub-base: We spread, level and compact a minimum 100mm thick layer of sub-base material. We ensure there are no voids within the sub-base, and if there are any, we fill with stone dust or grit sand and compact it.

Edge Courses and Kerbs: We set up tight string lines to guide line and level of edge courses and kerbs. We check that straight lines are without a doubt straight, and also the curves are sweet.

Laying Course: We spread, level and compact laying course sand, and screed to fix level.

Block laying: We lay all full blocks, with the operatives starting from the already laid paving, not from the screeded laying course

Alignment and compliance: Once we lay all the complete blocks, we ensure to look for alignment by making use of a string line extended along the diagonal courses and we adjust it as necessary, utilizing the alignment bar device.

Cutting-in: Once the alignment has been checked and validated, we cut in the edges.

Jointing and compaction, finishing touches and completion.

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- As licensed and certified patio paving professionals, we offer trusted paving solutions, be it stamped, imprinted, paving a carport, garden, pebbles driveway, garage, walkway, we do it all and use only the best paving Dublin slabs. Contact us today for a free quote. - Our emergency paving Dublin experts are always quick to reply your calls and fix any damage that might have occurred, no matter how big or small. Feel free to check out some of our reviews to know why we're among the top recommended and preferred pavers.
- We offer fast, reliable, and affordable same day paving, driveway and patio services in Dublin to both residential and commercial clients. Our paving people and company, use only the highest quality of materials and the best workmanship on your property.
- As one of the best local paving companies in Dublin, we're highly-reviewed and offer free estimates to ensure you know the costs of our services before we even begin. Feel free to also ask about our financing options (we can also work with your insurance company to get the job done right the first time).
- Contact a patio contractor that has your best interest in mind. When searching for Professional patio contractors near me, be sure to give our Paving contractors dublin a call, as we are always ready to handle any paving, driveway or patio work that might come our way in the Dublin Area.

We Offer Travertine Paving, Porcelain Paving, Slate Paving and Kilsaran Paving Services ​

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